Wraith Flex Their High Speed Prowess On “Absolute Power”

The speed demons showcase their ability to shift gears on their latest release.

Last year’s Heed The Warning was a breathtaking romp through Wraith’s brand of black metal meets thrash meets punk. Clocking in under 20 minutes, it was one of my favorite releases of 2018 that left me craving more Wraith. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait too long. The boys are back with a new sense of confidence, attitude and aggression on Absolute Power. Sonically, this album is better than its predecessor and creatively it serves as a natural progression for the band’s sound.

How did the band grow you may ask? The songs on this effort are nuanced with added depth giving each track its own unique identity. Heed The Warning is a helluva ride but I did think there were some leads missing that could’ve elevated certain tracks to the next level and some of the songwriting was a bit repetitive track to track. My carryover worries were quickly abated after listening to Absolute Power in full. There are plenty of blazing leads, stanky basslines and gnarly drum fills to go around. Tracks like “Meaningless Planet” with its hellacious main riff and “Absolute Power” with its pummeling slow chugs demonstrate Wraith is not a one trick pony.

We all love a Ferrari that speeds down the blacktop but we are also impressed by its ability to shift gears with ease…

Wraith have set their career on a nice trajectory here. This album represents a solid progression from Heed The Warning. I do not envy the guys in trying to follow up Absolute Power but they’ve proven they are more than up to task. You know how basketball greats like Michael Jordan would add new moves to their repertoire in the offseason to make themselves that much more formidable? I look forward to what new moves Wraith will be adding next. In the meantime, enjoy Absolute Power. This album is a blast! A strong recommendation from this reviewer.

Stand Out Tracks: “Meaningless Planet”, “War of Aggression”, “Eyes of the Sacred Ram”

Rating: 4.5/5

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