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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Sucky Problems

Two months ago, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced its annual 16 nominations. This led to outrage amongst fans complaining about the nominations, and why the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in general, kind of sucks.

Regardless of the five nominees that will become inducted, there seems to be multiple problems involving the Hall of Fame. For example, excluding the band becoming eligible 25 years following its initial commercial recording, the criteria tends to contradict itself.

Inductees are supposed to impact and contribute to the development of rock and roll, yet many rock/metal acts are excluded. All the while, pop stars and rappers getting inducted more frequently, which appears to be a recent trend. This year, for instance, Whitney Houston and Biggie Smalls are guaranteed first-ballot selections into the Hall of Fame. Yet, there will be a multiple selections within the rock and roll realm that will be left out to dry.

It is likely that either Soundgarden, Dave Matthews Band, Motorhead, Nine Inch Nails, or Thin Lizzy will also get in. However, a few of them will have to wait another year, which doesn’t seem fair. The Hall of Fame should honor musicians within its own genre, yet, is leaving out titans within the rock universe.

Likewise, there appears to be a bias amongst the panel of 1,000 voters within the Hall of Fame. Thankfully, fans now have a slight say in the selection process, giving them a minute percentage of the vote. Cast your vote here for this year’s inductees.

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This week, join Mark Radlund as he breaks down the underlying issues surrounding the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Everything from the criteria, to the voting committee’s bias is touched upon.

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Mark Radlund

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