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Vox & Hops Podcast Host Matt McGachy

Cryptopsy frontman, Matt McGachy, joins us to discuss his podcast, Vox & Hops. From death metal to stouts, Vox & Hops has something for every metalhead.

Vox & Hops Podcast Host Matt McGachy
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Vox & Hops

Matt McGachy decided in the fall of 2018 to start a podcast centered around heavy metal and craft beer. Vox & Hops was born.

Matt is the frontman for Montreal based extreme metal band, Cryptosy. He uses his industry knowledge and connections to bring in amazing guests from every nook and cranny of the heavy metal world.

Taking a musician first mindset, Matt is able to go deep with his guests on topics including touring life, creative processes, learning experiences, and favorite bands.

The Beer

Let’s not forget the hops! Matt brings his passion for craft beer to the podcast as well. Most episodes Matt drinks and discusses a new beer. You’ll hear about beers of all styles. From hazy IPAs, to sours, to imperial stouts; Matt doesn’t discriminate. He even features special interviews with Brewmasters of local craft breweries.

You can find Vox & Hops on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter. They have a website, and are available wherever you stream podcasts.

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