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Stone Sea

Stone Sea released its EP Mankind Maze in October of 2019. Drummer Connor Middleton joins Mark Radlund on this episode to discuss the band’s worldly blend of genres, his obsession with Dave Grohl, and an Irish edition of “Love it or Hate it.” We also discuss how COVID-19 has affected the band’s schedule, which is an unavoidable topic during this time.

Stone Sea was formed in 2014 by frontman Elvis Suhadolnik Bonesso in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Middleton and bassist Jonathan Parminter joined the group after Elvis relocated to Dublin, Ireland, giving the 3-piece its current lineup.

Having roots in Brazil and Ireland puts a worldwide flavor into Stone Sea’s music. This provides a heavy, groovy, stoner metal sound, all the while combining elements of Bossa nova, reggae, and jazz.

Follow Stone Sea on their website, YouTube channel, Facebook, or Instagram. You can also stream their EP Mankind Maze on Spotify.

Featured Tracks

  • “Mystify”
  • “Flow Upstream”
  • “Prelude”
  • “Seeing Red”
  • “Dream Song”

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