Chill Chat | Music Festivals, Tool is on Spotify, The Apocalypse, Tenacious D in Concert

Super Metal World Chill Chat

We’ve had a busy summer! Music festivals, exploring the wilderness for Sasquatch, drinking craft brews in Portland and checking out Tenacious D!

We have a bit of a chill chat for you this week. Mark joins us as we discuss our latest adventures in July. We’ve been on all sorts of journeys in the last month; head banging at festivals, searching for Sasquatch in Oregon, rocking with Tenacious D.

Lest we forget our ramblings on Jesse Leach verse Howard Jones. Can we finally say Howard was the better frontman of the two? Ty believes we can. What about the apocalypse? What do you think is the straw that breaks the camels back and kills us all? Oh yeah, Tools on Spotify again! We live in an era that favors transparency over mystery. Is this a good thing? Is it more beneficial to be on Spotify than off of it?

Tenacious D has been a favorite band of all of ours for a long time and Mark and Michael finally got a chance to see them live. They provide an in depth analysis of the show and whether it was worth the wait and lived up to the hype!

Lastly, we can’t thank you all enough for making 2019 a great one for the gang at Super Metal World. We continue to expand and make new connections in the metal community. We hope that you continue to make SMW your go-to metal podcast and help spread the word. We promise there’s not another podcast like ours out there!

Join us as we ramble, chill, and chat!

Horns high,
Michael & Ty