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Indie Metal Radio #3

Another installation of Indie Metal Radio featuring some fantastic tracks by independent heavy metal bands!

Indie Metal Radio #3
Super Metal World

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We’ve got another installation of Indie Metal Radio for you! This week’s episode features the following tracks from independent bands!

  1. Madrost – “Eyes of the Deceit”
  2. Letters in the Abyss – “The Somber Gloom (demo)”
  3. Coffinrot – “Beneath the Killing Floor”
  4. Sangre – “Endless Battle”
  5. Khoraja – “Beneath the Waves”
  6. Incarcehated – “Speeding Down”
  7. TRWLR – “Imploding Sun”
  8. Sonic Riot – “Break The Chainz”
  9. A Life Forsaken – “The Struggle”
  10. Cody Held – “Otherwise”
  11. Big Tobacco Company – “Doomshroom”

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[…] Letters in the Abyss is more than heavy music, it’s a vibe. This band captivated Michael and I with their unmatched ability to create mood and imagery through instrumentation that feels lived and breathed in. The unique thing about LitA is they offer instrumental-only versions of all their tracks letting you decided which version of the band you prefer. This is definitely one of the most talented bands you have never heard of. Keep grinding LitA! We featured them here and here. […]