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Independent Metal Radio #7

Check out twelve excellent tracks from independent bands!

Independent Metal Radio #7
Super Metal World

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Independent metal deserves to be heard! We’ve got twelve absolutely fantastic tracks from heavy bands for you! These bands come from all over the world and are here to destroy you!

  1. This Means War by Maniacal
  2. Reverent Decay (featuring Jimmy Mendoza) by Violence System
  3. Newborn by Beneath the Hollow
  4. Alive by Heartsick Heroine
  5. New You by Fault Lines
  6. Death After Death by ThirteenX
  7. Worse Ideal by Angered Crowd
  8. No More by Sinfool
  9. Phantom Limb by American Standards
  10. Troll Conqueror by Aktarum
  11. Infernal Ascendance by Graveborn
  12. Take Me to the Buffet by Jackpipe

Horns high,
Michael & Ty