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Independent Metal Radio #6

The sixth edition of Independent Metal Radio has arrived! Discover your next favorite band!

Independent Metal Radio #6
Super Metal World

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Another episode of Independent Metal Radio is upon us! Super Metal World is proud to give you twelve amazing tracks from unsigned metal bands around the world. Check out this list below!

  1. Terrifier by Grizzly Power
  2. Obsolete by Villainous
  3. Deadwood by Letters in the Abyss
  4. Black Brane by Hypersphere
  5. Fixed Fate by Bury Them Deep
  6. Light Your Samples on Fire by I DUDDITZ
  7. An Anxiety Arises by Pipe Dreamer
  8. Ethereal by Here and Beyond
  9. Widdrim Hymn by Mefitis
  10. Headspace by Set/Display
  11. Seas of Eternity by Diabology
  12. The Last Question by Boltzman Brain

Thanks for all of the bands for reaching out and sharing their music with us! Be sure to check out our other episodes of Independent Metal Radio!

Horns High,
Michael & Ty