Independent Metal Radio #5

Super Metal World Presents: Indie Metal Radio #5

The fifth installment of IMR is here. What will your favorite track be?

We are thrilled to bring you another installment of Independent Metal Radio! The track listings of over IMR get stronger and stronger! Listen for thirteen excellent heavy metal tracks.

  1. The Altruist – No Guiding Light
  2. Chaotech – The Epitome
  3. Two Feathers – Dark Messenger
  4. Freighter – Psychic Reading ‘94
  5. Crusty Old Toad – Serpent’s Tongue
  6. Peter Le – Incantation
  7. Defixion – Sent Below, Sent Nowhere
  8. Shape The Above – Pale
  9. Aave – Suffering In Sobriety
  10. Short Fuse – Aborted Souls
  11. Leadtowill – Grindle
  12. Death Note Silence – Honestly
  13. Skeleton Rose – Now I Cast You Down

You should be sure to check all of these artists out if you dig their stuff!