In Context: Korn’s 1994 Debut LP

Korn Album Art

Epic Records

Korn’s first record was a landmark for heavy metal. Let’s put the writing and recording of the album in context.

This week we talk about Korn’s debut album¬†Korn. We discuss the musical landscape at the time and everything that went into making the iconic album. We have all heard at least one Korn song and hate ’em or love ’em these guys spawned a musical movement and will go down as one of the most influential metal bands in history.

Korn is regarded as a founding father of the nu-metal movement. The band’s self-title debut album marked the creation of the sub-genre. The 1994 release features a unique blend of musical influences including grunge, hip-hop, and heavy metal. This distinct sound is why Korn draws so many fans.

How does Korn stack up against the band’s other releases? What was so interesting about this album that it spawned a “nu” wave of metal?

Horns High,

Michael and Ty