Icarus Witch Guitarist Quinn Lukas Fights Zombie Pirates

Goodbye Cruel World

Cleopatra Records

Quinn Lukas, guitarist for heavy metal band Icarus Witch, joins us this week to discuss the band’s freshly released album, Goodbye Cruel World.

Icarus Witch’s guitarist Quinn Lukas joins to discuss his band’s newest album Goodbye Cruel World. It’s the band’s first new album in six years and features new vocalist Andrew D’Cagna. The band is based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is a superb example of what a modern take on traditional heavy metal should sound like.

Our adventure this week takes Quinn to the seas! As the captain of a ship, he must lead his crew to victory against a nasty group of pirates.

This episode marks the one year anniversary of Super Metal World. We can’t thank you enough for listening, enjoying, and supporting us.

Horns High,

Michael and Ty