Celebrating 45 Years of Born to Run

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Born to Run

On August 25, 1975, Born to Run was released to the world. Decades later, the iconic album is remembered fondly amongst critics and Springsteen purists alike.

Springsteen wanted his third album to sound like, “Roy Orbison singing like Bob Dylan, produced by (Phil) Spector.” Lyrically, the album was a maturation process for Springsteen, compared to his previous two records.

At the time, Born to Run peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Top 200 chart and the Village Voice ranked it the number 3 album of 1975. Despite its commercial and critical success, the album never won a Grammy, because the Grammys are stupid and dumb.

Retrospectively, most major music publications adore the album. Rolling Stone ranked the album 18th on its 2003 “500 Greatest Albums of All Time” list.

Recently, respected music journalist and Rivals podcast host Steven Hyden ranked his top 100 Bruce Springsteen songs in honor of the album’s anniversary.

The top 3 tracks were off of Born to Run.

From “Thunder Road” to “Backstreets,” much of Born to Run poses themes of dreaming and escaping hardship. The album has inspired an abundance of successful celebrities, including amateur podcasters Mark Radlund and Nate Callens.

This week, Mark and Nate celebrate 45 years of this legendary album. Track-by-track, the guys discuss their favorite lyrics and moments in each song, along with dishing out a few tidbits.

Pour yourself a beverage and enjoy this masterpiece of an album.

In true Springsteen fashion, let’s get this party started…

2! 3! 4!

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Mark Radlund

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