Premiere | Metal Assault Mix Tape Vol. 3

The Premiere

We are firm believers of letting the music do the talking at Super Metal World. Allow us to present the EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE of Metal Assault Mix Tape Vol. 3.

RELEASE DATE: August 14 2020

FORMATS: Cassette Tape + Digital Download (cassette tape limited to 100 copies only)


The Details

…Now that your face has been adequately melted to the skull whilst your brain turned to triceratops levels of shit by the shredtastic soundscapes that graced your soundholes… Allow me to discuss some details about Metal Assault Mix Tape Vol. 3, henceforth known as MAMV3.

Let’s just be out with it already. This mixtape is better than TikTok. Why? Well, for one, the brain cells you lose listening to this will at least be lost to the noble cause of headbanging. For two, it features 12 bands from the city & surrounding areas of Los Angeles. The city of angels or whatever they’ll have you believe. I am done saying for. So, we’ll call this next point “C.” Point C, MAMV3 showcases some of the best music the underground has to offer.

In case you’re some lame ass poser who thinks this mixtape doesn’t have it all. It doesn’t matter what you think! Because it does jabroni. The Beethoven nerds can enjoy some symphonic metal while the Dungeons & Dragons boners enjoy some power metal. The hard rocker party dudes, the stoners, & the traditional rock n’ rollers can all meet up and have one hellacious devil’s threesome. And you better not think I forgot about the death & black metal homies. They can discuss production choices together. Oh, and prog! There’s prog. Yeah, there’s prog.

Enjoy MAMV3. I know I did, and what I think matters because I am all that is metal and the most metal that ever metaled in the history of metal. Support the underground & buy that merch!

Side A:

  1. ANTHEA – Discovery (4:31) now streaming
  2. THE SLEEPING SEA KING – Devil’s Soldiers (2:55)
  3. BLACKWATER REDS – Chasing Eight (4:35)
  4. MARISHI TEN – Never Look Back (3:53)
  5. AGAINST THE GRAVE – Killing Us Slowly (2:43)
  6. FLESH AND MACHINE – Hectic Fevers / Seeding Meat (3:23)

Side B:

  1. SOLAR HAZE – Burn The Light (3:24)
  2. RISING ELIJAH – Degenerated (4:03)
  3. SUBSURFACE TENSION – Devil Pin-Up Girl (3:11)
  4. DEIFIED – Harvester (4:59)
  5. WARWIND – Night Fall (4:34)
  6. FLESHBONG – The Bloody Peanuts Within Thy Stool (1:39)

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Horns high,
Michael & Ty


Ty is the co-creator of Super Metal World and co-host of Super Metal World Podcast. His favorite metal subgenres are thrash, doom, and death. You can find him playing RPGs on the Switch or PS4 in his spare time, as well as exploring the Pacific Northwest.

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