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Monica Strut

Monica Strut is a professional digital marketer and music journalist. Strut also fronts the Australian dark-rock band The Last Martyr and hosts Being In A Band Podcast, where she provides resources to up-and-coming bands, helping take their careers to the next level.

This week, Monica joins Nate Callens to discuss all sorts of fun topics, including:

  • What made her start Being In A Band Podcast and how she helps independent bands?
  • What’s one thing that any band can do to help themselves?
  • When will clubs, theaters, and sports bounce back?
  • How successful will drive-in concerts be?
  • When was the last time Monica raised the roof?
  • Monica’s thoughts about Nate’s stereotypical references to Australia from TV and movies.
  • Are kangaroo fights a thing?
  • Jam vs. jelly vs. Jell-O
  • When’s the last time Monica had a Vegemite sandwich?

Follow Monica Strut at her website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Featured Tracks

The following The Last Martyr songs are featured on today’s episode:

  • Fear
  • Like a Ghost
  • Into the Black

Check out Monica’s band The Last Martyr on all streaming platforms. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Mark Radlund

Mark is a writer for Super Metal World, as well as an avid supporter of live music, cheesy power ballads, and over-the-top action movies. Send over your questions, comments, and concerns to [email protected] Follow Mark on Twitter and Instagram @MarkRadlund. 

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