Independent Rock Radio | Volume 2

Independent Rock

In our second installment of Independent Rock Radio, we will be featuring twelve songs from independent musicians all across the globe. The music you will hear in this episode proves that the support of a major label is not required to create amazing music.

The Setlist

Below is the episode setlist, along with additional links to where you can discover more work from these independent musicians.

  1. “Killin’ Time” by Woodgrove
  2. “Insulate” by Levvy
  3. “Lunar” by Into the Red
  4. “Crisis” by Seven Snakes
  5. “Candy Crush” by Oh! No? Ok.
  6. “Seer” by Colossal Rex
  7. “Void” by Mathukey
  8. “Legacy” by Dani Rosenoer
  9. “My Machine” by The Fills
  10. “F.U.A.” by TV Dinner
  11. “Battle Song” by Lights of Marfa
  12. “Equator” by Savestate Corrupted

It is extremely important to support musicians during this time. You can do your part by checking out these artists’ Bandcamp and Spotify pages.

Big thank you to all of the bands for reaching out and sharing their music with us! If you’re a metalhead and enjoyed Independent Rock Radio, be sure to check out our other episodes of Independent Metal Radio.

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Mark Radlund
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Mark Radlund

Mark is a writer for Super Metal World, as well as an avid supporter of live music, cheesy power ballads, and over-the-top action movies. Send over your questions, comments, and concerns to [email protected] Follow Mark on Twitter and Instagram @MarkRadlund. 

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