3 Ways To Add Value To Your Album

Music marketing guru Matt Bacon

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One thing I don’t see a lot of bands doing is stacking their album release cycle with value. This is a big one where I think a lot of bands drop the ball. The issue is that most bands tend to release an album and then call it a day – not going too far beyond that. 

Here’s the thing, your band should be looking to go beyond that by adding playthrough videos, commentary tracks and more because it helps tell the story of your album. Ultimately, this can help to show people that your music is worthy of the several dollars you are asking them to throw down. 

3. Why Create Content To Amp Up Your Album Release?

I don’t think that most album releases should be just standalone releases. You need to have a whole variety of things going on to incentivize people to be checking out your music and reminding them why you are doing this and why what you are doing is unique and cool. One of my favorite ways to achieve this is to offer a bunch of extras around your album.

These can range from commentary tracks and playthrough videos to unboxing videos. It’s all about giving people a ton of content to pick through because you never know just what is going to resonate with your custom audience. If it isn’t resonating with your them then it’s just going to be kind of a waste of time – right? 

2. Why Your Album’s Story Matters

The thing is, these pieces of content can all come together to tell the story behind your album. They help to show that there is a lot more going on behind the scenes rather than just “this is a record, you should listen to it.” In other words it gives people something to connect to that is meaningful and helpful. It builds a desire to buy. 

All the legendary albums have stories behind them – just look at how you can dig into the whole legacy of a KISS or a Led Zeppelin record. Well, you can do similar with your band just by documenting your process so that people can sort of see – “Oh, this is what the band is about, and this is what they are trying to share” – it’s just about broadcasting authenticity. 

1. How To Prove Your Album Is Worth Money

This is what it ends up coming down too – why does this prove that your album is worth money? Well, when you’re offering people so much more than just an album you are giving them a real reason to invest. This isn’t just a record but rather something that they have been following that has been genuinely helpful to opening their eyes about your music. 

When someone starts to make an emotional investment in your band it influences them to buy into it – because there’s a connection there now. Music is about relationships with yourself and your community. So help people feel like they can get those relationships out of following your band and suddenly you’ve got yourself somewhere amazing! 

Concluding thoughts: 

I know some of this sounds a bit ‘woo-woo’ but it’s really that easy. If you give people a ton of content around your record and show them a story that matters then you are going to be able to prove your album is worth money – it’s a ton of work – but always worth it! 

Matt Bacon is a music marketing expert over at Dropout Media – check out his music marketing video series #BaconsBits on Instagram @MattBacon666 

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