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March Metal

Metal in March was affected, like the rest of the world, by COVID-19. However, metal musicians, industry leaders, and fans alike banded together to support this genre we hold dear, and that was hopeful to see. As far as the music is concerned, metal has always been rooted in tradition, but, as 2020 has progressed, we are starting to see more bands take influences from genres far outside of metal to produce some very unique sounds. Here’s looking at you Code Orange, Igorrr, and MASTER BOOT RECORD. There will always be traditional and orthodox metal, but 2020 continues to push the envelope with new and exciting sounds!

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Volume II by Hyborian

Kansas City, Missouri based Hyborian released a thrashy, rifftacious album Volume II this month. Seeded with stoner vibes, Volume II, provides groovy, crushing, and surprisingly melodic rhythms.

Order of the Mind by Irist

Irist is a product of international influence with members hailing from Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Georgia. Often compared to the likes of Gojira and Mastadon, Irists’ Order of the Mind gives us crushing undeniable riffs with doomy atmosphere.

The Black Tides of Obscurity by Earth Rot

Earth Rot’s latest is undeniably one of the best death metal albums released this year. It pummels the listener with precise instrumentation and haunting atmospherics. Oh, and it’ll linger with you thanks to the catchy riffage displayed throughout.

Floppy Disk Overdrive by MASTER BOOT RECORD

Floppy Disk Overdrive is unlike any album we’ve featured on Super Metal World. It’s fast, heavy, and intense, but purely electronic. This computer terminal inspired dark synth takes the driving riffs and intense drum work from metal and gives it an electronic makeover.

Four Dimensional Flesh by Afterbirth

Long Island’s brutal death metal band, Afterbirth, absolutely brings it on Four Dimensional Flesh. This celestial slam features heavy, complex guitar work; atypically inspired bass rumblings; skillful, fast and tastefully groovy drums and otherworldly growls from beyond known dimensions of time and space.

Spirituality and Distortion by Igorrr

Frenchman, Gautier Serre, has produced one of the strangest and most chaotic albums of 2020 with Spirituality and Distortion. Borrowing heavily from electronica, Igorr’s avant-garde compositions take us through space and time. Strange time signatures, bizzare sounds, and intense, driving riffs have us craving with intrigue. Plus, who doesn’t want to hear Corpsegrinder on top of Super Nintendo-esque chiptunes?

March’s Featured Metal Artist

Soul Grinder, Photo By Peter Beste

Our Featured Artist of the Month is Portland, Oregon’s Soul Grinder! When first listening to this band, we were immediately drawn to the nostalgic instrumentals. That being said, we stuck around for the unique vocal delivery and B-side horror feel that sets Soul Grinder apart from other bands that take inspiration from metal’s early and wild years. There is a certain campiness to this band that makes them a blast to listen to. Joel Grind (of Toxic Holocaust fame) mixing and mastering your album doesn’t hurt either!

Soul Grinder’s 2019 release, The Prophecy of Blight, is an acidic, ghoulish, classic thrash inspired record. Vocalist April Dimmick channels her inner zombie throughout the record accompanied by non-stop, high speed guitar riffs and thunderous drums. We loved this album so much that we featured three tracks from it!

The three tracks featured from Soul Grinder in order of play.

  1. “Blighted Land”
  2. “Kill Maim Burn”
  3. “Hunting the Prophecy”

Check out Soul Grinder on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and their website!

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Horns high,
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