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Independent Metal

Independent metal and supporting the underground has always been a core pillar of Super Metal World. The first installment of IMR has arrived. Let’s check out 14 excellent tracks from some bands that deserve your attention.

“Bite of a Parasite” by GraveRipper

GraveRipper is “blackened, deathened, thrashened, drunkened, Indiana metal.” The high speed quartet is from Indianapolis and provides aggression with their raw sounds. “Bite of the Parasite” is part of their three song EP Complete Blinding Darkness.

“The Fast One” by Boltzmann Brain

Boltzmann Brain is a traditional heavy metal band with sci-fi inspiration from the California coast. Included on instrumentals is Jonathan Lynch of “Riffs or GTFO.” “The Fast One” is a great example of independent music in the heart of The New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal.

Check out “The Fast One” on Spotify!

“Apparition” by Lararium

Lararium is a progressive metal band from Springfield, Missouri. Their track, “Apparition,” is a supreme example of how far independent bands can take production and sound.

“Maple Crunch” by Gorilla Wizard

It’s common knowledge that every human on planet Earth loves magic, death metal, primates, and breakfast cereal. “Maple Crunch” by New York City death metal outfit, Gorilla Wizard, is track that finally takes all four elements and melts our faces with it.

“Depths (feat. Sam Mooradian)” by Boneweaver

Boneweaver, a solo project by Tristan Feilla, is a project that “surrounds powerful instrumentation with contemplative sections of nuanced atmosphere, evoking imagery of yawning gulfs and breathtaking vistas.” Sam Mooradian is featured on the track for a guest guitar solo.

“Left Face Down” by From the Grave

From the Grave is a Texas based trio of groovy, dirty, psychedelic metalheads. The band gives a very intriguing blend of Pantera inspired southern groove metal and the cosmic doom of Black Sabbath.

“Thermonuclear Holocaust” by Slaughtersword

Slaughtersword is a raw, old school thrash metal band from Sweden. If you enjoy the likes of Slayer and Kreator, Slaughtersword has something for you!

Find “Thermonuclear Holocaust” on Spotify!

“Obsolete Future” by Halogram

Halogram is an instrumental duo out of Spain. Because the members of Halogram are touring and session musicians, Halogram features dynamic layers not often heard in independent bands.

“Lonely God” by Scarlet Phantom

Scarlet Phantom is a groovy death metal band from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Scarlet Phantom brings heavy, groovy riffs, but provides enough dynamic elements to keep us listening.

“Scared by a Werewolf” by Crusty Old Toad

Crusty Old Toad is back on IMR with a new single! The instrumentals of “Scared by a Werewolf” are melodic, pretty, and rooted in traditional heavy metal, but don’t let that fool you. The amphibian behind the project, Toaderus Crusticus, lays his black metal inspired vocals over the top.

“Scared by a Werewolf” isn’t officially out yet, but you can find other music by “The Toad” on Bandcamp! Also, check out our chat with the man behind Crusty Old Toad.

“Queenly Remains” by Arboreal

Arboreal is a “symphonic death metal act soaked in dark fantasy” from British Columbia. Arboreal’s music is heavily layered resulting an dynamic sounds and a chaotic energy.

Check out Arboreal on Bandcamp!

“And Into Dust” by Jugular

Jugular is a band that is tough to pin down. They have a hardcore and punk energy with the melodic elements of hard rock and traditional heavy metal. The band hails from Canada and the track “And Into Dust” keeps us wanting more!

“Turning Point” by Chugger

Chugger is a groovy death metal band from Sweden. On first listen you might think this is an American band inspired by the likes of Lamb of God, but dig deeper and you’ll hear iconic Swedish guitar tone and melodic riffs.

“Bow Down” by Gnarlah

Gnarlah is a gritty, dirty hard rock band from Brighton, England. The grind from the bass and dark melody of the guitars make Gnarlah an attractive band for any fan of heavy music.

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