We’ve got thirteen excellent metal tracks from bands across the world. The music you will hear in this episode proves that the support a major label isn’t required to create amazing music.

“Allegiance to the Beast” by Fallacy

“Allegiance to the Beast” is a high speed ripper. Fallacy is a thrash band based out of Orange County, California. Check them out on Instagram, Twitter, and Spotify!

“From Fear” by Von Doom

“From Fear” is heavy and melodic with a touch of groove. Von Doom is a melodic death metal band from Portland, Oregon. They are friends of Portland based Vintersea and recently opened for death metal giants Nile. Check out Von Doom on Bandcamp and Facebook!

“Witch King” by Hydera

Hydera is a power metal band based out of Los Angeles, California. “Witch King” is a righteous blend of traditional and power metal. It features the fantastical themes of power metal that we all know and love with instrumentation similar to many traditional and proto metal bands. Check out Hydera on Facebook and Instagram!

“Fix Me” by Gnarlah

Gnarlah is a hard rock band with a generous helping of grit and fuzz. If there’s one thing that describes Gnarlah, it’s “stank.” Gnarlah is from Brighton, England. You can find them on Bandcamp and Facebook!

“Voice in the Grave” by Reclamation

“Voice in the Grave” is a ethereal, mystical, symphonic track from Roanoke, Virginia. Elora the Grey Witch’s powerful vocals fill this track with their haunting quality. You can find Reclamation on their website and Facebook!

“When The Devil Walks In” by Life of Scars

Life of Scar’s “When The Devil Walks In” is an intense, groovy, rifftacious number. The track is quite possibly the angriest track we’ve featured on an Independent Metal Radio. The Fort Worth, Texas based band is available on Bandcamp and Facebook!

“Tunguskan” by Trita

“Tunguskan” is an evocative, progressive, atmospheric track from post-metal band Trita. The Minneapolis, Minnesota based band evokes the cold of the North with their track. You can find Trita on Bandcamp and Facebook!

“Deity (In This Life)” by Slaughter Pit

“Deity (In This Life)” is death metal, pure and simple. The Guildford, England based Slaughter Pit brings razor sharp guitars in their brand new track. Check out Slaughter Pit on Bandcamp and Facebook!

“It’s Too Late” by The Washout

The Washout brings the atmosphere of the Black Hills of South Dakota with their track “It’s Too Late.” Find The Washout on Bandcamp and Facebook!

“Fears and Convictions” by Aristic

Aristic mastermind, Niklas Runstad, features seven singers on his eight track solo album, Dimensions. “Fears and Convictions” includes inspiration from genres across all of metal like metalcore, hardcore, and emo. Aristic is from Gothenburg, Sweden and you can find them on Facebook and Instagram.

“Echoes Still Remain” by Heart of Jordan

“Echoes Still Remain” is a powerful modern metal track. You can’t help but bang your head to the groovy verses, but the melody in the chorus will bring a tear to your eye. Heart of Jordan is from Lansing, Michigan. Check them out on Bandcamp and Facebook!

“Burden” by Fallen Suns

“Burden” is a psychedelic rock track from the Los Angeles based Fallen Suns. The track is a fun, high speed ride. Check out Fallen Suns on Bandcamp and Facebook!

“Dude Ranch” by Br00tal Beefcake

“Dude Ranch” by Br00tal Beefcake is a tongue-in-cheek track about the dangers of working out on a ranch. Br00tal Beefcake’s entire album, Based on True Events, is an outrageous ride of supposedly true stories. Check out the Detroit based band on Bandcamp and Facebook!

Huge thank you to all of the bands that have reached out! We hope you enjoy this track list as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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Horns high,
Michael & Ty

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