Six Xbox 360 Games We Loved As Teens

Every gamer has an era of consoles and games that shaped their taste for the rest of their lives. At Super Metal World, that console was the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 and it’s generation of video game consoles were revolutionary. They also happened to be the most popular consoles when we were teenagers.

We have always believe that there is a strong connection between metalheads and gamers. In our experience, a lot of metalheads grew up with video games, tabletop RPGs, comic books; all that good stuff. We are here to share with you our six favorite games from the Xbox 360. Every single one of the these games had a massive impact on us.

Every person’s teenage years are the most important in terms of what they will grow to love for the rest of their life. Think back to the music, video games, movies, or comic books that you were a huge fan of during those years. Sure you’ve grown since then, but I would bet you still enjoy them all just as much now as you did then.

For example, if you loved a couple of the video games on our list today like Halo 3 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, you are probably still a fan of first-person shooters. Maybe you played Dungeons and Dragons as a teenager. Do you still have a group that you play with? I know I do.

Everyone’s teenage years were the first opportunity for them to truly become a fan of something. The opportunity to immerse yourself into a particular lifestyle or fandom for the first time has huge implications for the rest of you life. For us, the Xbox 360 was just that.

First-person shooters and role-playing games happen to be the central theme of today’s episode. We take you through the games that impacted us the most. Some of these games still dictate what we choose to play to this day.

Horns high,
Michael & Ty

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