Wraith releases Heed the Warning

Heed The Warning dropped on July 30 and comes in at a blistering 19 minutes, efficiently partitioned into 8 tracks.

Heed the Warning perfects the precedent set with Wraith, the brief length of the songs really serves the band well, as it adds a sense of urgency to each track that keeps the listener engaged. It’s the perfect soundtrack for the high energy moments in life like working out, partying or speeding down the highway. In the future, I’d like to see what a 30-40 minute Wraith album sounds like but no complaints on the length of this current project. Now, I know the core of what they have done so far is the short and efficient ass kickers but they have the talent to add some depth to the songwriting and it would be a natural evolution for the band to make in order to further set themselves apart. I’m not talking Master of Puppets levels of complexity but “The Pit” comes close to what I’m suggesting, clocking in at just over three minutes (an eternity for a Wraith song). Also, the solo in “System Overlord” adds a layer of chaotic fury to the mix and that type of guitar work is something the band should continue to challenge themselves with in the future.

Sonically, this album is miles ahead of its predecessor with sharp guitar tone cutting through the mix, Matt Sokol’s vocals dominate and every pounding drum beat is clearly heard. The craft in their songwriting was always evident but now they have harnessed it in the studio, look out!

Wraith combines the fury of thrash metal with the attitude of punk and the vocal delivery of black metal (blackened thrash). Heads up, it works. I love every minute of it and they are one of my favorite underground bands that we have ever featured. The sound they have created isolates them from your stereotypical thrash bands in an indelible way.

We all have 19 minutes to spare, right? Give them a moment of your time, you won’t regret it. Buy their CD. Support the underground.


Favorite Songs: “Heed the Warning,” “Bastards,” and “The Pit”

Release date: 7/30/2018

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