The First Column Is The Deepest

Hey Super Metal Worlders! Can I even say that yet? You know what, I’m rolling with it. I like the sound of it.

We are now 30 episodes deep into this adventure that Michael and I began in October. I would like to thank everyone for taking a chance on what we have to offer. If I could hug you all individually, I would. So, let this blog be one giant mosh pit from me to all of you or maybe from all of you to me?

At any rate, it’s not easy to take a chance on something new and we sincerely appreciate you for dedicating some of your time to have Michael and I blab in your earholes. Sounds personal when I put it that way, right? Well, that’s because it is! The love I have for this genre is deeply personal and the music has guided me through many of life’s trials, tribulations and even celebrations. In fact, it is one of the cornerstones that stabilize my friendship (15 years and counting) with Michael. I hope our passion for metal has continued to shine through in our work. This has been a ride worth taking and we love giving back to a genre that has given so much to us.

“BUT WAIT… that does NOT sound very metal Ty!” Hear me out. Metal is a life force and I appreciate all the beautifully ugly forms it takes on (some more than others). The community is one that I am happy to be a part of. I wear that badge with honor. I will not judge you on who your favorite band is or what subgenre you prefer. I am just happy to have you on my side.

Preaching aside, talking to all these bands from various subgenres has opened up our minds to metal more than I even thought was possible. We are learning of new bands everyday that we never would have came across if it wasn’t for this podcast. I cannot tell you how excited I am by that! To the bands that have been featured on our podcast, you all kick serious ass in your own distinct ways and it was a pleasure. To the listeners and fans, we have big plans for Super Metal World. To avoid spoiling too much, let’s just say we will provide more than just podcasts in the future. We continue to grow month by month and I promise that our main focus is on providing you with unique and quality content.

Please, spread around Super Metal World like the plague and let it infect more ears. If you want to write, draw, model, etc. for us please email us! If you’re a band that wants some exposure, email us and share some tracks!

I am beyond excited for the future of Super Metal World!

Horns High

Shouts: Michael, Mark, John, Monarch, Killborn, Riffs or GTFO


Ty is the co-creator of Super Metal World and co-host of Super Metal World Podcast. His favorite metal subgenres are thrash, doom, and death. You can find him playing RPGs on the Switch or PS4 in his spare time, as well as exploring the Pacific Northwest.

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