Albert Mudrian discusses his current favorite bands, the state of metal, and Decibel’s Metal & Beer Fest

Albert Mudrian, Editor in Chief of Decibel Magazine

Albert Mudrian joins us to talk about a number of things including what it takes to run a heavy metal magazine, organizing tours and festivals, and some of his current favorite bands.

We had a blast chatting with Albert Mudrian, Editor-In-Chief of Decibel magazine, this week about anything and everything under the cursed sun! Albert pulled no punches and was a thrill to talk to.

In 2004, Albert founded Decibel Magazine and it has been a driving force in metal journalism since. This isn’t a run-of-the-mill metal magazine and website either. Albert and the rest of the Decibel team keep themselves busy planning unique events like the Decibel Metal & Beer Fest and the Decibel Magazine Tour. Something very cool that Decibel provides is the Flexi Series. Each issue of the magazine ships with a 7″ vinyl record known as a flexi disc that has exclusive music in the form of previously unreleased tracks, covers, live songs, demos, etc.

In this episode, Albert discusses the following things that we think you’ll find very interesting:

  • Once and a lifetime live performances from bands like Testament at Metal & Beer Fest
  • The process for picking albums to enter the Decibel “Hall of Fame.”
  • The origins of Decibel
  • Bands the he currently listens to and endorses (both established and up and coming)
  • The current state of metal
  • Metal elitism/gatekeeping and its role in metal culture
  • How he compares Decibel with other metal media outlets

Horns High,

Michael & Ty

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    1. 1/10 seems a bit harsh. I am assuming he was trying to make a statement. I do agree with some of his points. However, I think there are a few enjoyable tracks on it to warrant at least a 4-5/10. Personally, I agree that it is not their best work.

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