Albert Mudrian discusses his current favorite bands, the state of metal, and Decibel’s Metal & Beer Fest

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Albert Mudrian, Editor in Chief of Decibel Magazine

We had a blast chatting with Albert Mudrian, Editor-In-Chief of Decibel magazine, this week about anything and everything under the cursed sun! Albert pulled no punches and was a thrill to talk to.

In 2004, Albert founded Decibel Magazine and it has been a driving force in metal journalism since. This isn’t a run-of-the-mill metal magazine and website either. Albert and the rest of the Decibel team keep themselves busy planning unique events like the Decibel Metal & Beer Fest and the Decibel Magazine Tour. Something very cool that Decibel provides is the Flexi Series. Each issue of the magazine ships with a 7″ vinyl record known as a flexi disc that has¬†exclusive music in the form of previously unreleased tracks, covers, live songs, demos, etc.

In this episode, Albert discusses the following things that we think you’ll find very interesting:

  • Once and a lifetime live performances from bands like Testament at Metal & Beer Fest
  • The process for picking albums to enter the Decibel “Hall of Fame.”
  • The origins of Decibel
  • Bands the he currently listens to and endorses (both established and up and coming)
  • The current state of metal
  • Metal elitism/gatekeeping and its role in metal culture
  • How he compares Decibel with other metal media outlets

Horns High,

Michael & Ty


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