According to a Non-Metalhead | Fear Inoculum

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What does a pop fan have to say about Tool’s first release in over thirteen years, Fear Inoculum?

According to a Non-Metalhead | Fear Inoculum
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Fear Inoculum, in case you are living under a rock, is Tool’s first album in over thirteen years. Tool’s discography may be short but the band has been immensely successful. Fear Inoculum has already received universal acclaim and is being championed as another great release by the band. Danielle, our resident non-metalhead, is here to help us take an in depth look at the album. We’ll navigate through each track on the album and get both her and Michael’s take on each song.

Fear Inoculum is Tool’s fifth studio album and arguably the most highly anticipated album of the decade. Nearly all of the notable metal music publications have been running stories about this album since the initial whispers of new music from the band. While some of us were starting to get burned out on the constant press, the moment has arrived and the album is available to all.

The album features six primary songs, the shortest of which is over ten minutes long. Musical movements are something that enables Tool to write such long songs and maintain the attention of the listener. A song might be ten or fifteen minutes long, but it’s not the same thing repeated for the entire duration of the track. Try to recall the last time you listened to a ten minute long song that felt like it was over in five. It’s incredibly likely the song featured extended instrumental sections. There may have even been a completely different song embedded right in the middle.

Tool’s approach to writing extended tracks is just one of the things that we discuss in this episode. Listen for all of the details!

Horns high,
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