Super Metal World Podcast features conversations with metal musicians, industry leaders, and more.

Let's not forget Pop Fan Reviews, where your co-hosts review a metal album with a pop fan to gain a new perspective.

Fans of Super Metal World Podcast appreciate the in-depth conversations that go beyond the traditional radio spot interview and the care, intellect, and passion that fuels the show.

On the Rocks Podcast

On the Rocks Podcast features the perfect blend of rock 'n' roll and pop culture. Each week, Mark Radlund interviews musicians and prominent "behind the scenes" figures within the rock universe. Signed or unsigned, this podcast is an excellent outlet for band's to feature their music.

Along with interviews, the show frequently touches up on current events, hot topics, and yes, the occasional rant. The podcast is also no stranger to celebrating iconic albums in a track-by-track format. Let's not forget our Playback series, where we break down our favorite music-themed movies.

Fans of On the Rocks Podcast dig the lighthearted conversation, with in-depth research attached. The show purely runs on passion for a genre that is not dead in the slightest, despite what some say.

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